in collaboration with KEVIN CORCORAN

‘Thresholds’ is the 6th studio album from acclaimed artists Saso and marks a change in direction with purely instrumental compositions using orchestration, piano and electronics in collaboration with pianist Kevin Corcoran.


The inspiration for ‘Thresholds’ comes from the passing of Brian Lawler, father of Jim (who is one half of Saso). A musician and composer in his own right, songs from Brian’s last album (produced by Ben Rawlins) were played at his funeral in Dec 2017. In the months following the funeral, Jim and Ben chatted about creating music compositions that would reflect the cycle of life and the journey to death. They decided to go back to basics and record a purely instrumental album using strings and piano to convey emotion.


“We wanted to press the reset button. We took everything we knew and put it to one side and embarked on a new chapter” says Ben.


Saso invited musician and arranger Kevin Corcoran to collaborate and help with string arrangements. Kevin had previously worked with Saso on their last album ‘Mysterium' in 2016. Kevin brought a new colour of sound and the music evolved into a joint venture of reflection and expression.


In addition to this, as producer of this record, Ben decided to work exclusively on his vintage analog console to facilitate the minimal approach to recording and mixing. Old ribbon mics were used to capture the sound and most of the live sessions were recorded in a single take.


“We embraced the discipline of restriction so we could focus on the art rather than the convenience of technology. It felt like an antidote to modern digital production” says Ben.


The result is a contemplative and meditative work, which is reflective in nature. The aim is to draw the listener in, to immerse in a sonic experience and to give thoughts and emotions the space to appear and release.


"Music can shift your perspective and transform awareness to contemplate life’s meaning. Ironically, death has taught me about life" says Jim.

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